Thursday, November 6, 2008

i need a digital camera

i snuck this picture with my phone at a show at mccarren park pool this summer (i'm not sure if this kid realized it or not). in case you're wondering: i do not have a fancy camera on my phone. this file is not even a megabyte. what you see above is essentially the largest this picture will ever be. i do however really like the color i get on that phone. i don't really know why, except to say that there is a definite allure in viewing a color photograph lit from behind (jeff wall was obviously on to something).

my point: i really need to get a digital camera that i can keep in my bag. the phone is just not cutting it. i've narrowed it down to either panasonic's lumix dmc-lx3 or the canon g10. i really like the lumix, but my other camera is a canon so i feel like i should keep it in the family.


hellemag said...

i dont know you, but im friends of genevieve. I have the Lumix LX3 and its like the best thing that ever happened to my life. also, the colors come out a little like the ones in this photo!

maybe you already bought one. i hope maybe i helped.

you can look at my photos on my blog too to see the colors:

good luck!

bluebird said...

hello!! i haven't bought it yet, but i'm really excited to hear it's as awesome as i hoped. i think i'll get it soon though.