Friday, January 23, 2009

photo double

i was browsing google images today and saw the above image by imogen cunningham.

two thoughts occurred to me simultaneously:

1/ i had seen this picture before. i can't recall exactly how long ago it was that i first saw it. but i recognized it immediately and intensely. i know i spent a lot of time with imogen's images when i was in high school. and i remember using her work as the basis for a history assignment freshman year of college.

2/ not only did i recognize the image, but it reminded me of not just one, but several of my own photographs (example below). i can say with certainty that i was not looking at imogen's work when i took the below picture. i was studying in prague and looking at sudek and koudelka and reading kafka.

proof, yet again, that pictures will stew in my brain for untold periods of time before i draw upon them for one purpose or another.

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