Saturday, January 3, 2009

three o'clock

three o'clock : the concept :

"we -- capucine bailly, kelly shimoda, neil harris, and paul fittipaldi -- each took a photo at or around 3:00 p.m. (local time wherever we were) every day in 2008."

my reactions (in no particular order):

1/ this project is amazing.

2/ each of these photographers is really talented so there are 4 amazing pictures for every day of 2008. that means 1460 pictures total.

3/ it's amazing when all four images are working together perfectly, but it also only takes one image to throw off the whole set.

4/ portraits seemed to throw off a set the most easily because my eye would inevitably get stuck on that single image. however most of the portraits included were quite wonderful, so...

5/ at first i was looking at each image just as a piece unto itself, but then i started mentally tracking each photographer's individual journey and i started to get to know each of their idiosyncrasies. this i found to be especially fun.

6/ i wish i had known about this as it was unfolding.

7/ i wish my friends and i had thought of this first.


leptitpapillon said...

Beautiful blog
Happy 2009!

ziasaurus said...

we should do this! but not at 3...because all of my photos will be of a desk.