Thursday, April 23, 2009

pho to speak: adam marcinek (part 1)

i am back from my trip and finally up to the task of getting some posting done. i won't see any of the pictures i took in the everglades for a little while as it will take lisa a bit to process them for me (since i'm lame and pay my friend to do my bitch work...).

ok. so. this post marks the official start of the "pho to speak" interview series here at bluebird. a little back story: a few months ago adam emailed me to tell me about the launching of his new blog. adam and i do not know each other (nor did i even know who he was actually). but the idea for the interviews had been brewing in my head for sometime so i timidly inquired to see if he would be interested in participating. we then corresponded for what felt like forever (i am most grateful to him for answering my often redundant queries both patiently and graciously). the following interview is the result, presented in three parts.

part 1: career

1/ would you say that photography is a part of your daily life? if so, in what aspect?
I am thinking about photography a lot more as of late, the artistic side of it, but also the commercial part as well. I really try not to over think the work, I have found that I end up working less the more I think about a certain project or body of work. I tend to work in big pushes and take downtime when I want or need it. Typically I tend to shoot only when I am traveling somewhere, I seem to be able to more comfortably shoot while on the road then when I’m here in Boston. So my shooting schedule is sporadic at best! But hopefully that will change. I have been trying a new assignment for myself of shooting one roll of film every morning before I start my day.

2/ are you currently earning your living from photography?
No not really. I try and get as many photo related jobs as I can...Luckily I have made friends with a few great working photographers that, when the time is right, will call on me for help. I don’t actively seek out assisting work, but it’s something that, when the opportunities come, I love to do. Mostly it has been printing work, black and white dark room work. I have recently been making a big push to get my work seen by a larger audience, but have yet to see any return. But that’s ok!

3/ how do you ultimately see the arc of your photographic career? in other words, are you hoping to pursue a fine art path or would you be satisfied commercially etc.
I’m trying to marry the two right now in some way. There are opportunities that I would not have considered a few years back, in so far as finding ways to use my art work to work for me commercially. I haven't had much success at this point, but I've only been taking this approach seriously for less than a year. That being said, I am still working on different bodies of work for the purpose of approaching galleries.

adam is a frequent contributor to the exposure project. he recently launched his blog, adam marcinek photography.

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