Saturday, April 25, 2009

pho to speak: adam marcinek (part 3)

part 3: blogging

on blogging...initially I was very against blogging...I didn't understand the networking capacity of them, and I did not follow or look at any. I hadn't realized how important they did become as a tool for showing work, but also starting and joining in on discussions. As you said my blog is very new, but I am happy I am doing it. Not only because in two months or so of having it, I am being interviewed by another blogger...but it also is a good outlet for me to get my ass in gear and get work scanned, look back through old work, and a forum to post brand new work as soon as I make it. And since the exposure project's blog has been live, it has greatly spread our name into the community, and gotten us in touch with some great people. You mentioned J.M. Colberg, through the blog world, we became friends with him and he was gracious enough to write the forward to our 3rd exposure project publication. And since I have the opportunity, thanks to Ben of the exposure project for starting the blog as well as maintaining it, as he is the main voice of the exposure project blog.

as for the future of blogging, who knows, there very well could be a new way of communicating in the very near future that we will all in some way shape or form become a part of. things like twitter or flickr, neither of which I like very much, seem to be useful tools for people. both outlets I feel like water down and saturate us with information and pictures, that I don’t feel is necessary. blogging in a way very much does this too to a certain extent, and like you said, you have a hard time keeping up with other people's blogs as well as your own. I feel the same way. But the availability of new work and images is an inspiration for me and makes me get to my blog as well as gives me a lot of work and ideas to look at and think about, which for me right now is great.

this is a personal note that adam included in his email to me that I’ve decided to share because it fits the theme:
thanks again for this opportunity and I will certainly link your blog on mine. This I feel like is the best part of the blog world, an easy way to connect and share thoughts with people on a one on one basis, but also as a way to network and help my own name get out into the world farther, but as I link up your blog, more people will hopefully get over to your site as well. go blogs!

adam is a frequent contributor to the exposure project. he recently launched his blog, adam marcinek photography.

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Farmgirl Paints said...

I found your blog through Creature Comforts in the "Arts and Crafts" section. I can't imagine life without blogging now. I started in December to distract me from the long Minnesota winter. Now it is the first thing I think about in the morning! I'm with you in that I haven't really gotten into Twitter yet. I don't get it I guess. Have a great day.