Saturday, January 20, 2007

2 great new blogs!

i found two great new bloggers today who discuss their respective obsessions as dorkily and devotedly as i do photography:

1) i'm a jinius

the byline: "the search for intelligent signs of life in new york city."

an intelligent, humorous, and insightful peek into a new york writer's life that continually surprises me in its similarities to my life and i can't decide if it is because we truly are kindred spirits or because she so skillfully expresses experiences universal to all women. either way, i'm always looking for a good diary/memoir to read and this one is irresistible in my opinion. she also gets points for being a foodie (andrea go read this, you'll laugh your ass off in a good way).

2) seamsters

interesting fasion blog written by a philadelphia gal. i like that the title rhymes with "teamsters" even though i'm pretty sure it's supposed to be an abbreviation of "seam sisters." a very enjoyable read.

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