Saturday, January 20, 2007

hey, hot shot!

ATTENTION ALL PHOTO FRIENDS (i never use caps on this blog so you know this must be important):

jen bekman exhibits the work of emerging artists in the mediums of photography, works on paper, paintings and mixed media and they are hosting a contest in search of ten talented young artists (they host this contest four times a year).

they seem primarily interested in formal color work, think stephen shore et al (are you reading this zia, mark, alissa, alexandra?). the $60 handling fee might be the only real drawback, but here's the thing: the submission is digital, i know you all have scans of your images so you have no excuse not to apply once you pull the money together. unfortunately i can't tell you anything about the gallery's reputation as i've never heard of them before, but their east village location probably means fairly decent exposure. plus, you still have three whole weeks to pull this off as the deadline is tuesday, february 6, 2007 (and of course, i learned after visiting jen bekman's flickr page, go figure).

above photo: christine collins

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